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Regreen™ is an ideal nurse or cover crop for costly native seed projects. Certified sterile, this wheat and wheatgrass cross won’t reseed and compete with desired species. The large seed germinates quickly to stay one step ahead of potential weeds. The dense, fibrous root system is perfect for stabilizing the soil surface and provides vigorous seedlings. Drought resistant, winter hardy, Regreen™ is perfect for wetlands, roadsides, mining sites and construction areas.

  • Certified sterile - wheat and wheatgrass cross.
  • Plant description: Triticum x elymus trachycaulus. 10k - 12k seeds per lb.
  • Application rates: Consult your local dealer as sites, seeding rates and planting techniques vary depending on planting objectives and other local factors such as; the associated longer-term perennial seed specification.
  • Applications: Erodible hillsides, forest  res, rangeland  res, roadsides, landfills, waterways, ski areas, logging sites, mining sites, pipelines, construction areas, wind farms and wetlands.
  • The best option for: Nurse or cover crop, won’t reseed itself and compete with desired species, quick germinating, rapid growth with fibrous root system, perfect for stabilizing soil, winter hardy and drought tolerant.