Why 5-Star Select Coating?

First Select seed comes with our 5-Star Select Coating, a custom formulated coating that helps get the most from your seeds and alfalfa fields.

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The Five Pillars of 5-Star Coating

Select Water Reserve - Superior Water Attraction

Select Water Reserve is a super absorbent polymer capable of absorbing 300-400 times its weight, and is added to the seed coating to attract water from the surrounding soil.

A major advantage of Select Water Reserve is its ability to make use of the moisture in the soil which otherwise is not available to plants. With Select Water Reserve over 95% of the
water held by the super absorbent is available to the roots.

Select Water Reserve or Super Absorbent Polymers Improve the following Soil Properties:

* Soil water holding capacity

* Soil water availability

* Soil infiltration

* Soil aeration

Apron XL Treatment - Faster Starts, Stronger Stands

Faster Starts, Stronger Stands - Apron XL Seed Treatment For:

* Pythium damping-off and early seaon Phytophthora control

* Systemic seedling disease control

* Faster growth after germiniation

* Stronger, healthier stands

Select Micro-Nutrient - Ensure Plants Get Off to a Quick Start

Incorporates a unique micro-nutrient package to insure the plants get off to a quick start.

Package includes iron, zinc, and manganese, proven benefits to a young alfalfa seedling. In addition, Select Micro-Nutrient seed coating uses a Super Hydrating polymer to hold water around the seed and keep the micronutrients in concentration, giving maximum benefit for germination and early growth.

Give your alfalfa stand its very best start with Select Micro-Nutrient seed coating.

Technical Information:

* Encapsulates each seed in a carefully formulated mix of minerals and selected nutrients

* Specifically formulated Micro-Nutrient Package Fe, Zn, Mg.Super Hydration Polymer

* Retains Water for enhanced germination, growth, and maximize uptake of micronutrients

* Up to 3X Raw seed

* Increases seed and seedling survival.

* Establishes a microenvironment for stimulating vigorous growth in young seedlings.

* Achieves better seed to soil contact to aid germination.

* Hygroscopic nature of the coating pulls and holds moisture to the seed aiding germination.

* Coating disguises seed for less bird predation

* Colorant on the seed improves monitoring of area seeded and seeding rate

* Increases stand and survival under adverse conditions

** Added weight from coating material

** Makes seed larger and easier to handle and distribute evenly

** Less puddling of seed – seed stays put in over watering conditions

** Penetrates stubble or thatch for better seed to soil contact

** Increases spread width up to 40%

Select Coat - Improves Yields

Select-Coat Seed Coating for:

* Uniform stands

* Improved seedling emergence and survival

* High concentration of Rhizobia ensures nodulation

* Potential for highest yields

What is Select-Coat Seed Coating?

Select-Coat is a package of benefits in the form of minerals and carefully Select-Coated strains of rhizobia bacteria, specifically designed for legume seed, and in the form of a virtually dust-free coating. Over many years of exhaustive testing at University and industry trials, it has shown a consistent ability to convert more legume seeds to viable seedlings, enhancing the value of the seed sold to the farmer. 

Nitrogen Gold - Yield Super-Boost!

* Alfalfa: Treats all alfalfas and sweet clovers (white, yellow, hubam, madrid, bitter, and sour clover).

* Clover: Treats ladino, alsike, red and white clovers.

Benefits include:

* Superior Seed Adhesion: Micron-sized particles ensure superior seed adhesion and minimal “dusting off”.

*Ease of Application: Can be used in either a “continuous flow” or “batch” treating systems.

* Quality Assurance / Support: Patented slow-drying system assures customers of high rhizobia levels on the seed.

* Yield: Specially selected natural rhizobia strains result in high levels of nitrogen fixation for maximum yields.

* Apron XL/ Allegiance Compatible: Nitrogen Gold compatibility with Apron XL and Allegiance FL ensures combined benefits of an inoculant and a fungicide where required.



* For Alfalfa: 300 million rhizobia per gram

* For Clover: 200 million rhizobia per gram

* These guaranteed Rhizobia counts lead the industry in quality. Both product’s high bacterial count is very stable for excellent longevity.

Time On-Seed

* Nitrogen Gold for Alfalfa: 2 years on-seed life (U.S.) / 18 months (Canada)

* Nitrogen Gold for Clover: 1 year on-seed life (U.S.) / 6 months (Canada)

* Nitrogen Gold is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.

* Nitrogen has been producing high-quality legume inoculants for over 100 years.

Request Nitrogen Gold treated seed. Nitrogen Gold adds value to your seed.