Locally Produced in the Pacific Northwest

Rainier Seeds’ production fields lie in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, primarily located in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington. Our expert agronomists monitor crop quality from the ground up throughout the growing season. State seed-certification inspectors visit our sites as required to verify compliance with every aspect of the seed production process.

Grass Seeds for All Your Needs


* CRP Programs

* Land Reclamation

* Wildlife Habitats

* Fire Rehabilitation

* Erosion Control & Hill Stabilization

* Hay and Grazing Applications

* Rangeland Grass

* Foraging Grass

* Drought Tolerant Grass

* Wildflower Seed Mixes

* Turf grass for lawns

Custom Mixes

We maintain one of the largest inventories of native and introduced species in the Western United States. Rainier Seeds provides custom mixing services to customers across North America and we’re the experts when it comes to determining the best mix to fit your needs. We custom blend and mix seed to meet Conservation Reserve Program, utility right-of-way and mining reclamation seed specifications. If the project requires a custom-seed mix or blend we can accommodate orders of any size.

CRP & Government Programs

We offer large and small custom mixes for the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) as well as many other government programs to meet project specifications.

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