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Nitrogen Gold

Nitrogen Gold for:

Treats all alfalfas and sweet clovers (white, yellow, hubam, madrid, bitter, and sour clover).

Treats ladino, alsike, red and white clovers.

Superior Seed Adhesion
Micron-sized particles ensure superior seed adhesion and minimal “dusting off”.

Ease of Application
Can be used in either a “continuous flow” or “batch” treating systems.

Quality Assurance / Support
Patented slow-drying system assures customers of high rhizobia levels on the seed.

Specially selected natural rhizobia strains result in high levels of nitrogen fixation for maximum yields.

Apron XL/ Allegiance Compatible
Nitragin Gold compatibility with Apron XL and Allegiance FL ensures combined benefits of an inoculant and a fungicide where required.

For Alfalfa: 300 million rhizobia per gram
For Clover: 200 million rhizobia per gram
These guaranteed Rhizobia counts lead the industry in quality. both Product’s high
bacterial count is very stable for excellent longevity.

Time On-seed
Nitragin Gold for Alfalfa: 2 years on-seed life (U.S.) / 18 months (Canada)
Nitragin Gold for Clover: 1 year on-seed life (U.S.) / 6 months (Canada)

Nitragin Gold is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.

Nitragin has been producing high-quality legume inoculants for over 100 years. Request Nitragin Gold treated seed. Nitragin Gold adds value to your seed.

Only found in 5-Star Select Coating!

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