Lawn and Turf Mixes
Lawn and Turf Mixes.

DrySite is a great lawn that doesn’t require frequent watering and mowing. This drought resistant grass is a perfect solution for dry and/or sandy sites. Superior drought resistance, low maintenance and mowing height.

SupremeBlue is the choice for a superior Kentucky Bluegrass lawn. This mix is a blend chosen for outstanding deep green appearance, traffic tolerance, strong disease resistance, quick establishment, erosion prevention, and/or loss of seed due to blowing wind or wash out during establishment. Grows best in full sun.

PicturePerfect will grow into an elite lawn and maintain its premium quality. The mix offers quick turf establishment, some shade tolerance, strong disease resistance, and the diversity to perform well under many soil types.

QuickTurf is the best choice for fast germinating and fast establishing seasonal lawns. QuickTurf is formulated with 35% perennial species that will continue to grow, creating a beautiful long lasting lawn. This mix is IDEAL for over-seeding sports fields or other areas where immediate growth is desired.

TuffTurf is an outstanding choice for soccer and football fields, playgrounds, recreating areas, or any area where heavy traffic is anticipated. The mix establishes quickly, is durable and easily mended with ryegrass over-seeding to give years of satisfaction.

WaterSaver has been formulated to be well adapted to several types of soils by having different varieties of tall fescues selected for their drought tolerance and strong seed vigor. Because of the increased water storage in the wide blades, WaterSaver uses up to 50% less water than your typical lawn. This mix can be used for lawns, athletic fields, golf courses, and anywhere a drought tolerant conventional type lawn is desired.

Lawn and Turf Planting Tips

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