Hay and Pasture Mixes
Hay and Pasture Mixes.

3033 Hay & Graze
A popular, economical, three-way blend specifically designed to give long lasting cover and good yields of green forage. For all types of livestock on a wide range of soil types.

4-Way Dryland
This high-yielding, all grass forage mix is designed for areas receiving supplemental irrigation. 4-Way Dryland has the flexibility to be either conventionally harvested for hay or used for grazing.

Dryland Pasture
Dryland pasture mix produces the highest quality of all hay or forage-pasture areas that receive 14” to 20” of annual rainfall. Provides maximum gain for livestock in dryland areas.

Irrigated Hay & Pasture
Irrigated Hay & Pasture is a mixture of select, high-yield, forage grass seed. This blend will provide hay producers a superior-quality, all-grass hay or pasture.

Western Horse Pasture
Formulated to produce a palatable and nutritionally-superior pasture with early spring green-up, Western Horse Pasture continues to produce throughout the season with a minimum 16” of annual rainfall.

Hay and Pasture Planting Tips

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