Wildlife Habitat
Western Reclamation and Habitat Mixes.

Columbia Plateau Native Xeriscape
Xeriscaped gardens use native and/or introduces species that require no extra watering. This mix combines Idaho fescue seed, Prairie Junegrass and wildflowers native to the Columbia Plateau. Plants are drought and cold hardy, need little to no maintenance or watering and offers a lifetime of beauty. An ideal mix for water conservation needs.

Deer & Elk Feeder Plus
Designed to attract deer and elk throughout the year. High in protein and palatability, this mix will attract and keep deer and elk coming back for more.

Fire Brake 
Creating a ‘Fire Brake’ around rural homes or outbuildings can reduce the risk of wildfire damage. Fire Brake contains cool season, low growing, drought resistant grasses that don’t go dormant early like other grasses or weeds.

Hunter’s Dream 
Our Hunter’s Dream mix is designed to attract a wide variety of wildlife common to the Northwest. Provides an excellent source of food and cover throughout the years.

Weed Competitor Plus
An excellent choice for weed control in low moisture areas. Weed Competitor Plus will compete with a variety of noxious and invasive weeds with a healthy forage value.

Reclamation and Habitat Planting Tips

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